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About Women's Radio Station

Women’s Radio Station is a not-for-profit community interest company. Any surplus income goes into supporting and helping women around the world irrespective of creed, colour, race or religion.

As a radio station for women our aim is to connect with women and share their knowledge and diversity under one platform – radio. By utilising the power of the internet we are able to provide a broad range of topic matters that will appeal to all listens. We strive to be as unique with our programming as all women are.

Empowering women to reach their goals, desires and potential, we support women in every way by providing a place where their voice and opinions do matter and will be heard, as well as creating opportunities to give women a place to showcase their talents.

Working with women of all ages, we see no age restrictions, neither in background or physical ability as a reason not to achieve. This is a place for every woman.

Women’s Radio Station has a very personal mission from its founder, H Jameson, who says “I was inspired to enable the creation of the platform and shared community for women, this could have benefitted my mother when she was alive, if only she could have accessed it. My vision is for a station run by women for women, focusing on the subjects that matter to them.”

Love and the desire is what inspires us to create change and a more balanced women’s society. We want to aid in the understanding of relationships throughout the world. It may just be one voice that is heard at a time, but that voice matters to many, in what one has to say.

As a radio we need your support! Spread the word, tell your friends and family and join us on social media. Let’s tell the world. Aiming to engage and inspire, we want your views on what we’re doing, after all this is your station. There’s also the opportunity for you to become involved.

Welcome and enjoy the experience, remember it’s all for you.

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