Women on Tour; First the UK then World Wide

Stage 1 – Our Journey through the UK                   

We will start in London and then progress up the east coast to John o’ Groats, travelling down the West Coast to Lands End in our specially converted Women’s Radio Station Bus and will be broadcasting along the way. We will also be providing an interactive experience, where women can hop aboard the bus and find out more. We’re here to help, support, empower and connect women in the hopes of bringing women’s communities together at our designated pit stops.

Spreading cultural cohesion throughout its journey, when stopping off the bus adapts into a self-contained platform to find the best of women’s talent. We’ll be looking to support new talent en-route and we’ll be interviewing a host of personalities who join us onboard for some special chats. We’ll be delivering an ever entertaining experience, for all women across the planet, promoting, delivering and searching for opportunities for talent to be seen and heard. Finally we will also promote small businesses, helping to regenerate communities locally.

Our bus will be visiting a host of different stops and entertaining audiences in hospitals, care homes, arts centres and helping to raise money for local charities along the way. In the evenings the bus will then turn into a mobile platform stage were you can hear and see the show’s happening LIVE. With TV screens located onboard, you will also get the chance to see and meet a host of personalities, from all over the world. We’re planning parties to dance the night away, live singers and a host of activities to entertain you. Our evenings will be full of live entertaining shows, with WRS broadcasting on stage and on air for your delight! So make sure you sign up NOW for our 24/7 app that will bring you up-to-date information, all day long.

Stage 2 – Global Bus

Stage 2 sees a ‘woman on tour’ worldwide bus that will circumnavigate itself around the globe. We want to know what women need throughout the world and on this journey we intend to find out. We’ll be asking questions across the globe and listening to the voice of women worldwide. Our aspiration & vision is to take the bus on tour across the globe, connecting and empowering women nationally & internationally, but this requires sponsors to get onboard . Click here if you are interested

Equipped with internal, external and drone cameras, we’ll be broadcasting 24/7 and will be interactive on all social media platforms! We’ll be providing international coverage, whilst attempting to create the first ever World Record attempt of taking a live radio broadcasting bus, (that serves cream teas by the way) to women all around the globe.

The Experience will be unique for every visitor and will generate press coverage and exposure on a unparalleled level, visually promoting its sponsors 24/7 to over 2 billion people through out the world, whist en-route. We will also help support, empower and connect women world wide on a global scale. So get ready to hop onboard find out more!

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