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Bespoke Textiles Interview:

Katie Young Gerald is a London-based author, entrepreneur and speaker in the glamorous, globetrotting world of fashion and textiles. The founder of Bespoke Textiles and formally Katie Young Design Limited.  Katie’s first book is an industry-essential and No1 Amazon best seller: ‘The Textile Touch: How Five-Star Hospitality and Heritage Brands Create Their Signature Style Through Textiles’

Bespoke Textiles is an award-winning Design and supply Consultancy that design, develop and deliver unique uniforms, luxury clothing and merchandise collections for high-end hospitality and heritage brands. She has over 25 years’ experience of co-creating with luxury and middle market brands such as Soho House, The Ivy Collection, The Ace Hotel, The Honourable Society of Middle Temple and the Hospital Club to name a few.

She is passionate about creating unique and timeless designs that are bespoke to your brand style supported by a sustainable and tailored supply chain that saves waste. She draws on her 25 years of experience working with luxury heritage and fashion brands such as English Eccentrics, La Petite Salope, Billy Bragg and Britt Lintner to name a few.

Her latest venture is relaunching the Luxury Heritage Textile brand English Eccentrics designing and supplying limited editions redesigns from the archives.

Bespoke Textiles: http://www.bespoketextiles.co.uk/

Katie Young Gerald: http://www.katieyounggerald.com/