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Supporting Mental Health and Well-being

  • You need to start the day with a substantial protein based breakfast
  • Avoid eating large amounts of grains or starches
  • Increase consumption of green vegetables


Breakfast                    Poached eggs with tomatoes and a small slice of rye bread

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on a slice of wholegrain bread

Fish kedgeree with brown rice

Bacon and eggs (only 1-2 times a week)

Wheat and sugar free muesli soaked overnight in rice/soya milk with berries

Live natural yogurt with fruit and chopped nuts & seeds


Lunch                          Avocado and green salad with added cannellini beans

Poached salmon and salad with oat cakes and a little mayonnaise

Roast chicken and vegetables with a little brown rice or cous cous

Vegetable and tofu stir fry with buckwheat noodles

Tin of mackerel /sardines/tuna with salad and oatcakes

Vegetable and bean soup served with rye bread and a little goat’s cheese

Cold turkey slices with beetroot salad and oatcakes


Dinner                          Grilled or poached white fish with steamed greens

Grilled chicken and roasted Mediterranean vegetables

Roast pheasant/partridge, steamed green beans & broccoli with lentils


Snacks                        Fruit – chose low GI fruits like berries, apples, plums, pears and peaches

(If needed)                   Nuts – unsalted and not peanuts (a small palmful at a time)

Seeds – buy pots of munchie seeds from supermarkets and health stores

Celery and carrot sticks

Avocado and oatcakes


Wherever possible eat fresh, unprocessed & organic foods.

AVOID –                      SUGAR & SUGARY FOODS


CHOCOLATE – occasional 70% cocoa solids allowable