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Carolyn Van Beers


After Graduating with a degree in Dance from Laban, Carolyn took to the road and ended up in York, where she did a course in Stand-up Comedy. She won ‘Best Comic Newcomer of the Year’ in 1997 and performed at some of ’s finest clubs.

On returning to England, Carolyn began her radio career and had her very own show “The Breakfast Show” She became one of the first in the UK to write, produce and her own Breakfast Show. It was at this time Carolyn began presenting on TV.  All was going great, even after giving birth to her first Carolyn continued to work, and then it happened, Carolyn gave birth to triplets… YIkeeeeeeees! Triplets!

This was a big curve ball and one that she literally struggled to get round every day. Being a became somewhat fulltime and boy did I get to experience the highs and lows of Motherhood. You could say, she became well-honed at ‘BEING A MUM’