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Nurturing Birth

Nurturing Birth offers courses across the UK for anyone wishing to become a birth or postnatal doula. The aim of the course is to introduce participants to the doula role, looking at antenatal preparation, birth and postnatal support.  In a safe, non-judgmental environment we have the opportunity to:

·    Debrief birth and postnatal experiences (birth, feeding, first few weeks)

·    Look at birth: physiology, anatomy, obstetric scenarios, antenatal support and discussions, supporting parents making informed choices, understanding mothers and partners’ needs, how to “be” in labour, knowing your boundaries

·    Discuss the role of a birth and postnatal doula and expectations of the client

·    Discuss feeding options: an introduction to breastfeeding, understanding some of the common problems faced by mums of newborns, learning how to signpost good support, helping to get Mums off to a good start, safe preparation of bottles for formula feeding.

·    Look at some of the common issues affecting new mothers and babies e.g. lack of sleep, visitors, unsettled babies, routines, postnatal mental health.

·    Consider the best way to support new families including listening skills, helping the mother find confidence in looking after her own baby, being non-judgmental.

·    Think about the journey ahead – engaging with mentoring, marketing, networking with other doulas and health professionals, further study/CPD.

·    Consider running a doula business, contracts, insurance, how to get clients, marketing and networking

In addition Nurturing Birth offers mentoring support for doulas as well as a variety of workshops and study days.

For more information visit www.nurturingbirth.co.uk or contact Sophie on info@nurturingbirth.co.uk

Kresse Wesling MBE


Kresse Wesling, MBE, is a multi-award winning environmental entrepreneur and Young Global Leader with a background in venture capital and significant start-up experience. After first meeting with the London Fire Brigade in 2005, Kresse launched Elvis & Kresse, which turns industrial waste into innovative lifestyle products and returns 50% of profits to charities related to the waste.

Elvis & Kresse’s first line is made from decommissioned fire hose, 50% of the profits from this line are donated to the Fire Fighters Charity. The company now collects 12 different waste streams, has several charitable partnerships and is involved with collaborations across industries, from FTSE 100 companies to fashion houses, including a current, 5-year partnership with the Burberry Foundation.

Sable International


Saskia graduated from the University of Cape Town with a BSc (Masters) in Finance and a sub-major in Economics. As with many South Africans, Saskia spent a year living and working in London before returning to her home town, Cape Town, to take up a job as a Tax Processing Consultant at Sable International.

With her eye on the forex department, it wasn’t long until Saskia shifted departments to become a Forex Broker in the group. Her passion and determination, coupled with an extensive knowledge of the foreign exchange market, saw her emigrating to London to head up Sable’s Forex Businesses Development team in London.

Saskia now runs the UK Sable Forex Team with their core focus on business development, customer relations and client retention. Sable Forex is an industry leading remittance specialist with over 20 years of experience. They service in excess of 40,000 clients and pride themselves in providing a bespoke, personalised foreign exchange service for all of them.

Outside of work, Saskia is a new Mom, loves experiencing new cultures, putting travel at the top of her ‘spare time list.’

 Saskia ’s Motto: ‘Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it … Autograph your work with excellence.’ – Vince Lombardi


Live Well & Prosper


We are living in an information overloaded world and knowing what the first thing we need to do to improve our health is, get started and then stick to it has never been harder. Through my work as a health coach I support people to find their way back to great health so they feel vibrantly alive, energetic, live in the ‘right sized’ body, better manage health conditions and can enjoy life to the full again.

I work online with people of all ages. During the sessions we create a personalised plan of small, impactful, sustainable, dietary and lifestyle changes which enables my clients achieve their goals. By the end of the programme they will have all the knowledge and skills they need to live a health filled, vibrant life.

I also run ‘health and wellbeing’ training days in the work place. Healthy happy employees lead to a healthy organization and increased productivity.

I have worked in the health profession for over 25 years and having suffered with an eating disorder and poor health myself I know what it’s like to feel ‘unwell’. Thankfully I also know what it’s like to feel radiantly well and vibrantly alive again and how to get there. I am now passionate about helping other people get there too.




I deliver a coaching programme that is designed for small and medium sized businesses in any sector. I use a structured framework to help business owners grow their business by putting in the right systems and people in place so they can work ON the business rather than just IN the business. The aim is to create a commercial profitable enterprise that can ultimately work without the owner, who can then expand, take a passive income or sell the business.

The coaching provides clarity and helps the owner to achieve their goals. The accountability and discipline helps get results quicker.

Some of the areas the one to one coaching covers are, time management, marketing, financial management, operational systems,  recruitment and team building.

There is excellent business advice available in the market. However, there is a disconnect between this advice and the implementation of it. The coaching I provide is fully focused on implementation.

I help business owners achieve the results they desire using proven tools, methodologies and systems, which have been tested and perfected.

If you are a business owner based in London or Greater London, and have more than five employees, I would love to have a meaningful conversation with you.

Book your complimentary one hour session where I will apply the framework to your business to show you how it works.

E: falgunidesai@actioncoach.com

M: 07721654640

W: https://actioncoach.co.uk/coaches/falguni-desai

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/falguni-desai-173a2984


Brownhills Insurance Group Ltd


We are a family owned business, now into its 3rd generation and have been insuring businesses and families for over 39 years. We can arrange insurance cover to protect homes and businesses and make sure that we have your interests properly covered.

2018 was a particularly great year for Brownhills with the announcement that our Managing Director Gillian Henderson was recognised by the Insurance Times as one of the top 27 Most Influential Women in Insurance. We also obtained the Government backed Cyber Essentials accreditation demonstrating our ongoing commitment to protecting our client’s personal information.  We were also voted the Best General Insurance Provider of 2018 by Business Enterprise of London adding to our growing list of awards including Best Business in Bromley.

We believe in exceptional customer service, in going the extra mile and providing you with your own personal account manager as a one stop shop for all your insurance needs and guarantee to get back to  you the same day.

Insurance doesn’t need to be complicated and we look forward to being of service.

Call 0208 658 4334, visit www.brownhillgroup.co.uk or email info@brownhillgroup.co.uk