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Dr Annette Greenwood

Dr Annette Greenwood

Annette Greenwood

Annette Greenwood


Award-winning Life Coach, Author, and Ambassador.

Annette works globally empowering women how to find purpose, passion and lasting fulfilment. She is passionate about triumph over adversity and self-belief after her own journey with severe depression and anxiety led her to discover a practice derived specifically from traditional Japanese Zen Buddhism which was transformational. Annette has helped a wide range of women at all stages of life whatever their backgrounds. She specialised in coaching in a women’s prison and pioneered community projects that enable women to change from feeling empty to empowered.

Continually growing her own area of expertise Annette believes in Age-Less Living. This is a way of living that creates a positive vision. It’s a shift in perception, a way of challenging old ideas or beliefs that hold us back from living the life we want. It’s a way of integrating mind body and Spirit with an added touch of magic and intuition!

Annette has an Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarian services and received the Woman of Heart Outstanding Coach and Leader Award in 2022. She is a Golden Door Ambassador an award-winning author for ‘Imprisoned Heart’ and received the REX Karmaveer Truth-writer Fellowship & Chakra award.  A true advocate for women this award is sponsored in partnership with the United Nations.

Annette is a regular guest on podcast interviews giving tips and advice, including. Expert Channel TV, Hollywood Digest, Brilliance Business TV show, HIT Talks. Annette has been featured in magazines and newspapers. The Telegraph, Woman’s Own, Northern Echo Women, Kindred Spirit and More to Life.

Annette is grounded with an infectious sense of humour. Full of energy for life she practises what she preaches including Qigong for health and wellbeing, spending time in nature, connecting with people, loves having brunch and giggles and a host of other stuff!

Watch out world!



Email: Annette@annettegreenwood.com
Website: https://www.annettegreenwood.com
Facebook coaching page: https://www.facebook.com/AnnetteGreenwoodCoach
Facebook Annette Greenwood personal page: https://www.facebook.com/annette.greenwood.1422
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-annette-greenwood-98809819
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annette_greenwood

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Dr Annette Greenwood’s Show:

Dr Annette Talks

Dr Rhonda M. Wood

Dr Rhonda M. Wood

Dr Rhonda M. Wood

Dr Rhonda M. Wood


Dr. Rhonda M. Wood

International Mental Health Speaker, Author & Advocate

“Be thankful for where you have been, grateful for where you are, and excited about where you are going.” – Dr. Rhonda M. Wood

Recognized as one of the most prominent voices for mental health advocacy, Dr. Rhonda M. Wood is an award-winning international keynoter, bestselling author, and a leading authority on mental health. Leveraging over 30 years of corporate experience, Rhonda impacts audiences with her mission to normalize and destigmatize mental health conversations. She trains audiences worldwide to eradicate mental health stigmas and adopt compassion, awareness, and acceptance.

Rhonda is a compelling thought leader and motivational speaker dedicated to supporting people’s personal and professional empowerment worldwide. In line with her unyielding passion for helping others succeed, Rhonda founded RMW Global Enterprises, a worldwide movement that focuses on Helping Women Win from Within.™ She specializes in helping women reclaim their inner power, make peace with their past, and prosper in their purpose so that they are empowered to reach their highest potential, personally and professionally.

Rhonda uses her unique voice and talents to serve women from the classroom to the boardroom and beyond. She unapologetically shares her mental health journey with a level of transparency that allows her voice to resonate in the hearts of women around the world who are inspired by her bold approach to life.

In a world where women are expected to stay silent about mental health issues, Rhonda chooses to speak up and shine light and awareness on matters that have remained in the shadows. She has developed a deep-rooted passion for helping women reset their value, renew their vision, restore their vocation, and rediscover their voice.

As an influential figure, she is the author of a soon-to-be-released book, Truths, Traumas, and Triumphs which guides readers from brokenness to breakthroughs so that they are inspired to step out of secrets, silence, shame, and stigma to stand in their truth and embrace their divine destiny. She is also co-author of Passion Purpose Peace, Daddy’s Girl, and the #1 bestseller Unleashing Your Undeniable Impact alongside legendary powerhouse speaker Les Brown. She is also the host of the highly anticipated “The Dr. Rhonda Show,” to be launched later this year and broadcast live to millions of listeners and viewers around the world who will learn about trending topics such as mental health, relationships, entrepreneurship, finances, and more.

Recognized as a well-known fixture in her community, Rhonda works alongside decision-makers on improving the mental health system. She works tirelessly to raise mental health awareness and is an active member, volunteer, presenter, and board member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Prince George’s County. She serves as a parent advocate for transitional-age youth as part of the Prince George’s County Health Department System of Care. She is the founder of several programs, including “Laugh, Cry, Heal, ™” “Heal Out Loud, ™” and “Win from Within, ™” designed to help people heal emotional wounds and traumas to become happy, healthy, and whole.

Rhonda’s extensive expertise has earned her invitations to speak on major corporate stages across the country. She has delivered dynamic live and virtual keynote speeches for large international audiences, including Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour, Cheryl Wood’s SpeakerCon, Northwestern Mutual “Leading the Way” Conference, Trevor Otts’s Secrets of Champions Summit, Che Brown’s Comeback Champion Summit, and the Women’s R.I.S.E. Conference in Paris, France to name a few.

Rhonda was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Philosophy in Entrepreneurship & Business Administration by Trinity International University of Ambassadors School of Business Honors Program in recognition of being a successful leader in business and her work with mental health advocacy and women’s empowerment. She also received the United Nations Global Women of Distinction Award for her lifelong commitment to building a strong global reach of service to the world. Rhonda has also been recognized as a 2022 Top 50 Courageous Women in Business, Leadership, and Entertainment, 2022 Top 100 Influential Women in Business, 2021 Woman of Inspiration, a 2021 Top 25 Most Inspiring Woman, a 2021 Top 50 Unstoppable Innovator, and a 2020 National Top Influencer for her leadership, commitment, and contributions to her community and the next generation. Her work has been featured on prominent media platforms such as ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, talk shows, radio, podcasts, newspapers, magazines, and more.

Connect with Rhonda at rhondamwood.com or @DrRhondaMWood on all social media platforms.

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Dr Rhonda M. Wood’s Show:

Break The Silence

Janine Newberry

Janine Newberry

Janine Newberry

Janine Newberry


Janine has over 20 years experience in health, fitness and mindset coaching.

She strived to educate herself in business, nutrition, fitness, human behaviour and personal development alongside managing a busy global modelling career. Janine is also a TV Presenter and has appeared on several shows such as ITV’s Club@Vision, Smart Cars on Channel M and on The Dating Channel to name but a few.

Janine built, ran and sold several businesses, invested in property and currently runs a successful coaching and events business.
Her thirst for knowledge combined with her passion to help others be the happiest, healthiest and most successful version of themselves continuously drives her forward to learn, grow and give more. Sharing her knowledge, skills and wisdom to inspire others.

Janine is the Founder of Eat Love Do, an educational platform featuring online courses and in person events, workshops, interesting articles and knowledge sharing, who’s mission is to inspire and educate people to live and create their best lifestyle, body, relationship, career and ultimately live the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves.


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Janine Newberry’s Show:

Eat, Love, Do

Ramona Pop

Ramona Pop

Ramona Pop

Ramona Pop


My name is Ramona Pop. I am the mother of my 9 years old daughter, Serena.

I am a Transformational Mindset Coach, Spirituality Coach& Mentor, Author of “Discover your truth”, Company director of Happy and Fulfilled Life Limited, LKJ Media -Ambassador, Psychology Undergraduate, BSc -International relations and European studies, Humanitarian, Radio Presenter, UK Ambassador for the Leadership Experience Tour, USA, Guest Speaker, Creator of “Discover your truth” Online Coaching Program.

My journey started a few years ago when I found myself in a very difficult situation. I became a single mother, therefore, I had to be a mother and a father for my beautiful angel, Serena.

I had nobody’s support. That year my father also passed away. I was devastated. I was in pain and grief. I became more depressed every day. Until One day when I realised that life has to be more than that. I didn’t come here to suffer. I came here to be happy and fulfilled. I came here as a soul, in a human body to experience life and all the beauty of it, the unconditional love and acceptance. This is when the magic happened. I had a quantum leap, an epiphany.

That day I stepped into my power and I became 100% responsible for my life. I stopped giving away my power and I got commited 100% to change my life forever, no matter what!

My thirst for knowledge and healing myself and others became like an obsession for me. I had to overcome emotional and sexual abuse traumas, I had to learn to forgive, knowing that I will be the first one who will be released and free. I became obsessed to find out why most of the people live in pain and suffering. Why is it so hard to accept and love themselves as they are? Why is it so hard for us to forgive, let it go and set ourselves free?

I started to attend seminars, workshops, and overseas events to get that answer and the distinction which people seem to misunderstand.

I became a Certified Coach and Therapist. Finally I came to discover my gift.

My gift is that I love to help people. I am very emphatic, with a strong intuition. Therefore, I am a Psychic too.

My passion for helping people to overcome negative thinking has been the light that has shown me the way to becoming who I am today.

I believe that loving ourselves more is fundamental to positive changes in our lives.

I also believe that our inner world creates our outer world.

I believe that I’ve been a student and a teacher ever since.

I realised that the moment we choose to perceive our life with love, we could create a miraculous change.

My core message for my show is all about empowering and discovering the truth which is loving the self. I believe this is a relevant topic to my life. I am very passionate to empower all the people around me. Because I know they have an unknown power whitin themselves. And I know that if they get committed 100% they can access it and use it to build a dream life.

I love to motivate and inspire them in their journeys.

I choose to do this for the simple reason of giving back to people and to the whole Universe, my love and appreciation for who I am today.

If I can do it, so do you!

My intention is to go global. I want my voice to be heard and to make an impact and a difference in people’s lives forever.

I have created an Online Coaching Program called “Discover your truth” which is available on my website www.ramonapop.co.uk.

I am the author of my book “Discover your Truth” with a foreword from  Dr. Arthur Cassidy, Royal Expert and Celebrity Psychologist.

I am the UK Ambassador and Guest speaker for the Leadership Experience Tour, USA

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Ramona Pop’s Show:

The Powerful You

Eva May

Eva May

Eva May

Eva May


Healing Image

Founder of Healing Image

HI, began as my own journey to heal when I asked for help with my make-up through a  member following years of being unwell as a result of prolonged grooming and abuse as a child.

I was extremely lucky with the help I received. 

The help and support I have experienced has changed my life for the better, and I have achieved so much.

Life has gone from me being extremely unwell; unable to leave the house, heavily medicated, long stays in medical facilities and emergency admissions, dissociative episodes, night terrors…..to a life with happiness and love for myself and others.
I have worked hard and learnt from everyone who has helped me.

I cannot thank everyone enough for their support, time and for believing in  Image HI and for what it has done for me, and for the potential it has to offer others.

Five years ago  Image HI became a “Subject Heading” on emails, the words somehow evolved.

 Image HI was “me” asking for help, following a bad experience in a department store, where I had gone for help with make-up.

Feeling more  with my image, I began trying more and more things, and I began my journey to being well.
It was at this point that I decided to share my story and work on the project, which is now  Image HI.

During this radio series I will be  with Guests; Caryn Franklin MBE, Ariane Poole; Professional Make-up Artist, Joyce Marter, Author of The Financial Mindset Fix,  Sharon Smith from GI Jane Bootcamp, Nevo Burrell; Events Director at The Federation of Image Professionals International FIPI, Judge Rosemarie Aquilina; who gave the sentence of 175 years to Larry Nassar, who abused many members of The US Olympic Gymnastic Team

MY new found confidence has enabled me to try anything and everything that comes my way.

In 2015 I completed the London Marathon, I have completed a Foundation Course in the Meisner Technique at The Actors Temple in London.

I am currently recording an Audio Book telling my story and to support the use of journalling in a purposeful way.

Some broadcasts will cover my experiences as a patient receiving care from mental  professionals and facilities in the UK and US.

Also discussed is the current support I am now receiving from a Specialist Centre for management of my Complex PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder.

I will share my experience of going through a Police Investigation into my abuse and my personal contribution to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

My grateful thanks go to all involved for their generousity with their time and sponsorship for the Healing Image Hi” series.

My ambition is that I am in a position to provide information, ideas, evidence and share my passion to help survivors of historic abuse and trauma.

I am available as a Speaker for events.

Lady Kendal Jaggar

Lady Kendal Jaggar

Lady Kendal Jaggar

Lady Kendal Jaggar


Lady Kendal Jaggar – known in the industry as LKJc is an advocate for Mental Health Awareness and Well Being. LKJ strives for excellence as a Freelance Current Affairs News Reporter, Travel Journalist, Travel Writer, Published Author and World Critic.

LKJ has studied with Peter Carty regarding her travel writing and studied with the British College of Journalism as a Travel Journalist. LKJ has also studied with the NCJT regarding mobile journalism and writing for the web including media. LKJ has also participated in the Guardian Column Writing with ‘Owen Jones’ and many others within the journalist industry.

LKJ has also studied within the ‘Open University’ with many courses to her name including “Coping in Isolation – Time to Think”, “Exercise and Mental Health”, “Exploring Issues in Woman’s Health”, “Investigating Psychology”, “Homelessness and need” “Death and Medicine” &“Children’s Rights”.

LKJ has also studied with Continual Professional Development having achieved certifications in BRITISH SIGN LANGUAGE level 1-6, Deaf and Awareness, Disability in the Work Place, Equality, Child Counselling, Challenging Behaviour in Young people, Child Psychology, Bereavement Counselling, Body Language and Mental Health Law.

LKJ in her strive regarding her news reporting and other journalism areas decided to explore her mind and undertook further studies with Continual Professional Development taking further examinations in Criminal Procedures, Criminology, Advance Criminology, Forensic Science & Profiling, Forensic Psychology, Criminal Law, Contract Law, Tort Law, Wills & Probate Law, Family Law, Employment Law plus many more as she continues to feed her brain with knowledge to understand the ever changing and challenging world we live in.

LKJ believes that we have to look at the problems completely unbiased also without pre-judgment, use the voice we have to speak words of support and hopefully advise once we have used the ear to listen.

LKJ as a published author expresses how she truly believes the power of the pen can also unlock the freedom of your mind. LKJ empowers through her voice that we all have a life journey of meaning, and we are all in need at some point in our own life of the support. We need to know there is no shame if we fall; we have to learn to stand again and, no matter what our life journey has in store for us, know that there is an umbrella that will support us when the rain falls.

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Her Show:

Free Your Mind & Talk To LKJ