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Online Therapy 247

​Online Therapy 247 is a family of accredited experienced counsellors.   Online Therapy 247 is here to help with all of your daily challenges.

Why choose Us:

  • Instantly available, no need for pre-bookings
  • 100% Confidential with trusted therapists
  • No requirement for doctor referrals
  • Call from the comfort of your sofa, anywhere in the world
  • Broad range of experience and qualification from our pool of trusted experts
  • Available even if all you need is a chat or a someone to listen
  • Multiple methods of communications including video, telephone or email

Please visit our website www.OnlineTherapy247.com and call on 0207 553 5080 to speak to our friendly receptionists.

Client Matters

How would you rate the quality of the relationship between your business and your clients? Do you really know, or are you assuming that with no negative feedback landing in your mail box or on your desk, everything is just fine – the clients are happy, the relationship is strong and they will be signing on the dotted line again next year, hopefully with more business.

The relationship between any business and its clients is based on a hard-headed, carefully constructed commercial arrangement to achieve agreed specific and measurable results. But the fact is that day to day, week to week, it comes right down to the working relationship between two or more key players from each side – human relationships that can become fragile and difficult for lots of reasons, from a genuine misunderstanding or a missed email to a ‘bad day at the office’. And the chances are that you will be the last to know when things are going wrong. And when you do, how much expensive senior client entertainment will it take to repair the damage? And will it last?

While your own client audits, if you do them, may go some way to monitor how things are going, it takes a robust, professional and neutral approach to give you a clear and ‘no holds barred’ assessment of just what your clients think of your business and whether this is a lasting mutually fulfilling relationship or a short, difficult affair. And that’s where we come in…..

MSB Help

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Company Name:
Mental Health Solutions In Business

MSBHelp.co.uk (Mental Health Solutions in Business) The service offers training for companies own in-house staff to help identify problems and facilitate help; a ‘keep up to date’ service to ensure employers are always aware of changes to the Equality Act as they happen and access to 24/7 professional counselling – anywhere – for their workers.   Caseloads have included advising both employers and employees not just on their rights against being treated fairly and without discrimination in the workplace but also against bullying both from employers and other employees.  we teach the boss how to get it right which helps in turn the employees, helping both employers and employees  avoid the tribunal courts.

The online counselling clinic division of MSBHelp.co.uk is called TOSPS.com , founded in 2014 and swiftly went on to gain cyber security awards for its secure portal from Innovate UK. Offering instant and pre-booked counselling sessions available 24/7 via video link. With counsellors talking in over 27 languages and available to provide counselling via mobile phones, tablets and pc in any location worldwide so long as there is an Wi-Fi connection. 2017-2018 national runner up in the technology awards uk our online counselling website is a front runner in the provision of online counselling and will provide a valuable tool for employers to help take instant care of employees mental health long-term or in a crisis situation.

Bernadette Bruckner:

Director at Mental Health Solutions in Business Ltd

Founding  Director and M.D  of The one stop psychotherapy shop ltd (set up 2014).

Considerable experience working within the mental health industry at a top level, Irish-born Bernadette won a cyber security award for online mental health counselling in 2016.  She is the successful author of multiple CPD accredited training courses in the field of mental health for businesses and a runner up in the National Technology Awards 2017.  Her long-term background includes expertise in Information technology.


Contact Info

Business Phone Number: 07592 134559
Business Address: One Stop Psychotherapy Shop Ltd
Chargrove House
Shurdington Road
172 Southgate Street
GL51 4GA