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I deliver a coaching programme that is designed for small and medium sized businesses in any sector. I use a structured framework to business owners grow their business by putting in the right systems and people in place so they can work ON the business rather than just IN the business. The aim is to create a commercial profitable enterprise that can ultimately work without the owner, who can then expand, take a passive income or sell the business.

The coaching provides clarity and helps the owner to achieve their goals. The accountability and discipline helps get results quicker.

Some of the areas the one to one coaching covers are, time management, marketing, financial management, operational systems,  recruitment and team building.

There is excellent business advice available in the market. However, there is a disconnect between this advice and the implementation of . The coaching I provide is fully focused on implementation.

I help business owners achieve the results they desire using proven tools, methodologies and systems, which have been tested and perfected.

If you are a business owner based in London or Greater London, and have more than five , I would to have a meaningful conversation with you.

your complimentary one hour session where I will apply the framework to your business to show you how it .

E: falgunidesai@actioncoach.com

M: 07721654640

W: https://actioncoach.co.uk/coaches/falguni-desai

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/falguni-desai-173a2984