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The stories you should know about the women you don’t .


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Girls, Girls, Girls

Womens Radio Station
“If like me you are juggling too many balls and dropping most of them.. this could be just the show for you.”

Join me and my guests and get involved as we tackle the subjects they don’t always tell you about – the guilt, the postnatal depression, and the loneliness. We’ll have practical advice on how to get back to work or not, how to cope with the perpetual pressures and remind you how to laugh out loud as we examine the highs and lows of Motherhood.

Spoonful’s of advice and incredible true stories, with your it will be a refreshing, honest and funny look at being a mum.


Bea Duncan

Bea Duncan

Bea Duncan is a presenter, radio and as well as a born and raised Londoner.
She is an advocate for mental education and intersectional feminism, focuses in particular on removing the around and improving access to sanitary products.
Girls! Girls! Girls! was started in an attempt to address the gender imbalance of our household names. Bea is passionate about giving people more heroes to look up to and inspire them.
You will most likely find Bea hanging out with her cat while wearing some item of yellow clothing and drinking copious amounts of coffee.
Twitter: @beaduncanLDN / @GGGpod
Instagram: @beaduncan