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Supporting Mental Health and Well-being

“Goa Outreach is a working name of ‘Joy Home for Children' a registered charity (No. 1131247).  
The Goa Outreach project is based in the Indian state of Goa, where it helps local disadvantaged children from small pockets of slums dotted around the state, these children migrate to Goa with the hope of a better , which many do not find.  
The main objective of the charity is to these children enter and stay in full time education.  Families often rely on their children to bring in money by working or begging and we try to get them off the streets and into school which can be difficult as many of the  do not see the benefit of education especially for girls who are often seen as just a burden for the
Medical and health care are also provided to encourage safe practices and maintain their well being.  
All of this is provided by a small team of volunteers and local Indian staff. 

If you would like to support us then please contact us on office@goaoutreach.org

To find out more please visit our website at https://www.GoaOutreach.org and like our facebook page at https://www.Facebook.com/GoaOutreach .”