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Counsellor in your pocket  are excited to be working with the Men’s and Woman’s radio show

We give therapists, counsellors and clients a platform, allowing them to give therapy, receive therapy and counselling face to face online – in a way that is reflective of, and compatible with modern day technology and lifestyles. Mobile phone, Tablets , Laptops and the PC.

We want people to be able to receive their therapy session in the car, tent, office, house, the privacy of their bedroom, through lunch breaks, at any time day or night 24 hours a day 365 days a year across the globe – you get the picture!  All you need is a internet connection/wifi

Over the coming months we will interview many of our registered Therapists on both The Men’s station and the Womans radio station. After the interviews ar broadcasted you will be able to contact them via a link on the web site of both stations.

Click:  “View Therapists Profile”  to read more about them or even send them a message.

Womens Radio Station

Bernadette Bruckner

Director of in Business Ltd.
(2016 – To date ) www.msbhelp.co.uk 

M.D  of The one stop psychotherapy shop ltd
( 2014 to date) www.tosps,com

Considerable experience working within the mental health industry at a top level, Irish-born Bernadette won a cyber security award for her  online mental health counselling in 2016.  She is the successful of multiple CPD accredited training courses in the field of mental health for businesses and a runner up in the National Technology Awards 2017.  Launching The one stop psychotherapy shop’s online counselling clinic in 2014  was an bold and innovative move, and Bernadette remains dedicated to breaking down access to counselling not only on a national basis but also globally.  Bernadette is deeply knowledgeable on the Equality Act 2010 and is an active for the law society’s magazine in relation employers and employees responsibilities around mental health.


Womens Radio Station

Steve Jackson

Director at in Business Ltd
(2016 -To date)
Director The one stop psychotherapy shop Ltd
(2016- To date)
Serial entrepreneur and business innovator

Bolton-born Steve left school at 17 for a job in retail and a year later he was the store group’s youngest ever store manager.  Over the years he has set up and grown a variety of successful businesses but was when he was introduced to The one stop psychotherapy shop ltd as an investor that he became passionate about mental health in the workplace. He quickly became an integral part of the company and helped launch its sister web site in business ltd www.msbhelp.co.uk  in 2016. Dedicated to helping employers understand their responsibilities toward employees in relation to mental health, associated disabilities and what constitutes reasonable adjustment in the work place.  Steve is a determined and forceful advocate and ambassador of breaking down the still associate with mental health in the workplace.

Womens Radio Station

Faigy Liebermann

Faigy Liebermann is one of only a handful of certified ADHD Coaches in the UK. Faigy created her Focus Success Program empowering her ADHD clients to access their potential at home and at work. Please note you don’t need an ADHD diagnosis to work with Faigy.

Faigy created the ADHD Accelerator Program, giving certified coaches the skills and tools to work with their ADHD clients.

Faigy is part of the APPG for ADHD a lobbying group that meets quarterly in The House of Commons. The APPG advocates for improved adult ADHD accommodation and treatment in the UK.

Faigy has set up a monthly business network group for women with ADHD in Greater Manchester. “ADHD Women in Business.” Find out more details here.

She is a member of ADHD Europe.
Find out more on her website https://focuswithfaigy.com/

Buy her book “Own Your ADHD – Discover Your True Potential

E mail : Faigy@focuswithfaigy.com
Contact Faigy Phone: Manchester – 0161 839 1929
London – 0207 629 0747

Karen Goodson

I am a spiritual being in a human body. I only really accepted that as a fact 6 years ago when a sudden and shocking life event threw me completely out of my sleepwalk through this lifetime.

I am nearly 60 years old now and have had many different careers; I’ve been a cashier in a bank, managed residential care homes, worked in arts, taught English and maths as basic skills, been a careers adviser, am mum to two teenagers, been married a couple of times, experienced some wonderful relationships and some very difficult ones…. 

My brother died by suicide at a time when I was working closely with mental health services and yet I didn’t see any signs in his behaviour to cause concern.  That may well be because he had been in an abusive relationship and had been purposefully isolated from his friends and family. 

I, too, have experienced misuse of power in relationship and my passion now is to support anyone ready to step up, step out and reclaim their lives.

With so much experience as a human,  I am now ready to fully embrace the spiritual aspects of my being and my soul destiny.

Gill Travitzky

My name is Gill and I’m a psychic medium and Tarot reader. I’ve been working with Spirit ever since I was a little girl. I hear, see, sense and smell Spirit.’s a gift that runs through my family and over the years I have used my mediumship to help all kinds of people with all sorts of things. I work with different decks of cards from the old faithful tarot and angelic decks to Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin.

I have a background in counselling and advocacy and I believe these skills have helped to make me a careful, sensitive and confidential reader.
A 60 Minute Reading £60 A detailed reading including guidance from Spirit and a reading of tarot and angel cards. I call in your Spirit guides and invite any loved ones from Spirit, who may wish to pass on some guidance to you. Readings often tend to take a theme and the message will be
repeated for emphasis so we take notice! Readings often involve me giving some sort of  while we are speaking as I am an energy healer and also a counsellor. I will hold space for you if you’re upset or struggling with grief or other emotions that may come to light during your reading.

A 30 Minute reading £30 

I will tune into Spirit and pass on messages to you. I call in your Spirit guides and invite any loved ones from Spirit, who may wish to pass on some guidance to you. I will also consult the tarot or angel cards for you.

Readings often tend to take a theme and the message will be repeated for emphasis so we take notice! I will also consult the tarot or angel cards for you. I will hold space for you if you’re upset or struggling with grief or other emotions that may come to light during your reading.

Womens Radio Station

Julia Ferris

Over a year ago an unexpected and devastating life event shocked me out of my daily way of being. I realised that I was always living for the next moment, never for this moment.

I have spent a combined 20 years in careers in education and in law enforcement, including working alongside Children’s Social Care, and I’m mum to a lively 7-year-old.

My life was completely overhauled following the death of my husband last year. I found Mindfulness to help me deal with my grief and I began to check in more with my intuition. I have been meditating for over 10 years and I brought this back as a daily practice to receive guidance, help me break through stress and clear emotional heaviness.

I, too, have experienced intense emotional stress during my professional life, and especially during the past year, raising a bereaved child. My passion is to support others who wish to press the stop button and truly own their lives.