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So often we feel that our lives are going by un-noticed, uncared about and unheard. Finally someone is listening, really listening. Judymay is ready to get to the core of your reality in all areas of life – relationships, health, career, finances, emotions, romance, adventure and lifestyle. In this show you will get the expertise of one of the world’s top coaches and speakers, and her team of guest experts and have your life transformed in a deep and meaningful way. This is not just a show it’s a gathering, a new start, a resurrection of your passion for life!

JudyMay Murphy

Judymay Murphy has been working Internationally as a motivational speaker at the highest level for the past eighteen years. She is also an accomplished broadcaster appearing regularly on dozens of television and radio shows across the USA, Ireland and the UK where she has been an expert guest on BBC London since the early 2000s. She is known as the coach to many household-name speakers and is a highly regarded trainer of experts and speakers world wide. As an author she has eight books published in 28 countries