Womens Radio Station

Supporting Mental Health and Well-being

The speakers are key to our  by inspiring, educating and sharing life stories. Ladies learn so much and are empowered to make changes in their lives too. Sometimes it’s just about the company, entertainment or our group holidays, it’s the variety that makes a great club!

We are now ready to expand with other like-minded ladies who would like to become a host and build a lifestyle in their own town with four forms of income. We include all the tools, merchandise and training to create a platform, but ask just to add their own personality into the mix.

Our unique membership scheme invites national and local companies to partner up with us too, offering discounted services or products in front of our ‘closed community’ of more than 3000 women. This is our Partner Benefit Scheme.

Our vision is simple, to engage across the globe to feel special, find time for themselves and find their purpose!