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Supporting Mental Health and Well-being


We are living in an information overloaded world and knowing what the first thing we need to do to improve our health is, get started and then stick to it has never been harder. Through my work as a health coach I support people to find their way back to great health so they feel vibrantly alive, energetic, live in the ‘right sized’ body, better manage health conditions and can enjoy life to the full again.

I work online with people of all ages. During the sessions we create a personalised plan of small, impactful, sustainable, dietary and lifestyle changes which enables my clients achieve their goals. By the end of the programme they will have all the knowledge and skills they need to live a health filled, vibrant life.

I also run ‘health and wellbeing’ training days in the work place. Healthy happy employees lead to a healthy organization and increased productivity.

I have worked in the health profession for over 25 years and having suffered with an eating disorder and poor health myself I know what it’s like to feel ‘unwell’. Thankfully I also know what it’s like to feel radiantly well and vibrantly alive again and how to get there. I am now passionate about helping other people get there too.