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Megs Menopause Show With Meg Mathews

Hosted by Meg Mathew and Carolyn Van Beers & Resident Doctor Harper

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Some women are lucky enough to sail through #menopause problem-free while others experience a variety of symptoms. We’re dedicated to empowering women going through this period, that’s why a brand new show will be launched on 17th February: ‘The Meg’s Menopause Show’. Spread the word and let’s raise awareness together.

Meg Mathews


Meg Mathews is the founder of MegsMenopause. An icon of the nineties Brit Pop scene and a former music industry PR, events planner and designer, Meg has become and entrepreneur and an international advocate for the menopause.

Meg has since then become a spokeswoman to raise awareness to the chronic lack of support of women going through the menopause in the work place and in all areas of their lives. She has been invited to speak at governmental institutions and ministries to vocalise this matter on behalf of all female staff, and help changing not only the working environment but also trying to be pivotal on new legislation approval to give further support to women going through the menopause. Some of these key participations include at Foreign & Commonwealth Office, BBC headquarters, 2019 Business Disability Forum, John Lewis & Partners, Superdrug, Stella Live Panel by the Independent, amongst many others.


Carolyn Van Beers


After Graduating with a degree in Dance Theatre from Laban, Carolyn took to the road and ended up in New York, where she did a course in Stand-up Comedy. She won ‘Best Comic Newcomer of the Year’ in 1997 and performed at some of New York’s finest comedy clubs.

On returning to England, Carolyn began her radio career and had her very own show “The Breakfast Show” She became one of the first women in the UK to write, produce and present her own Breakfast Show. It was at this time Carolyn began presenting on TV.  All was going great, even after giving birth to her first child Carolyn continued to work, and then it happened, Carolyn gave birth to triplets… YIkeeeeeeees! Triplets!

This was a big curve ball and one that she literally struggled to get round every day. Being a mum became somewhat fulltime and boy did I get to experience the highs and lows of Motherhood. You could say, she became well-honed at ‘BEING A MUM’

Dr Harper

Resident Menopause Doctor

Dr Shahzadi Harper is founder of The Harper Clinic, Harley St, London(www.theharperclinic.com) a specialist menopause and wellbeing clinic She believes in early management of symptoms of perimenopause to optimise health. She aims to help women look good, feel confident and sexy.

 She is actively involved in raising awareness around the subject of menopause and has given educational talks to GP’s and businesses in menopause in the workplace.

 Dr Harper is often in the media talking about women’s health and menopause, BBC Radio Oxford, Talk Radio and Podcadts with Liz Earle and Sunday Times to name a few.

 Dr Harper graduated from University College London in 1994 and is an experienced GP but in the last five years she has dedicated herself to women’s hormonal wellbeing and is a member of the British Menopause Society. 

She is not afraid to discuss issues which other doctors may shy away from such as libido, ageing and sex.

 She takes a holistic and positive approach to women’s wellbeing and the menopause.

 Contact Dr Shahzadi Harper 


020 7637 8820

 39 Harley Street, London W1G 8QH