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Angie Stone

“As a post operative Transwoman of a certain age, living and loving in London, Angie has decided to break her silence and share her life experiences with you. Her message is of hope and empowerment, to highlight the similarities we all share and not the differences. It’s very hard being anyone, this is exacerbated being non binary and many deal with familial estrangement, religious ostracism, sexual abuse, threats of violence and social and economic marginalisation. With many young adults living with mental health issues some attempt suicide, whilst those that survive tend to lead very chaotic lives. The process of gender assimilation becomes not just a matter of Sex or Vanity but of survival: In a world of patriarchal social and sexual ideals, dominated with hyper sexual unrealistic images and values as a portrayal of so called ‘woman hood’. 
So having been a Media Avatar, Fashion Model, interspersed with sex work, Angie gained a heightened awareness of the human psyche. This facilitated her studies in Psychology. Most of all she applies her skills within her Community, coming to understand and accept that we are all spiritual beings doing the ‘experience of life’. We are not all created equally so everyone’s life experience should be different. It’s not that some are better or worse, its just that we are all unique individuals and our life stories should be just that – our own. “