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Isabelle Schuler / Presenter

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From Sonnet to Song

If you think that Shakespeare’s boring, then this is the program for you!

Isabelle Schuler is the Founder and Composer at From Sonnet to Song. Growing up in the beautiful state of Oregon, Isabelle was first dazzled by Shakespeare’s works as performed by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. She hopes to lead from the incredible example they set by making Shakespeare more accessible (and honestly more fun).


Isabelle went on to study and perform the Bard’s work while attaining a BA in Classical Liberal Arts near Washington, D.C.. After graduating, she spent three years in Los Angeles before moving to London at the beginning of 2017 to continue pursuing a career in the arts. She started the musical project, From Sonnet to Song, in September of 2017, and since then has been joined by Martha Reed to create a video series celebrating female diversity through Shakespeare and music, a music video called Hots for Shakespeare, and now this podcast! Isabelle is also a piano and voice coach from her home in South London. Her favourite Shakespeare play is Two Gentlemen of Verona, and her favourite sonnet is Sonnet 61.