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Martha Reed / Presenter

Martha Reed shows

From Sonnet to Song

If you think that Shakespeare’s boring, then this is the program for you!

Martha is From Sonnet to Song’s Co-Producer and resident Director. She studied English Language and Literature at Oxford University, where she completed a hefty course on Shakespeare. She is an advocate for equal access to education, and she hopes that From Sonnet to Song will help to make Shakespeare more accessible.

When she’s not working on From Sonnet to Song, Martha can often be found on a film set. She’s been 1st AD on a Random Acts Alumni Project funded by Rural Media, and she recently played Dr Who’s Assistant in a music video for Tiger Moth Recordings. Martha also writes magazine articles about photography for Lomography, and watches as much theatre as possible. Her favourite Shakespeare play is King Lear, though The Merchant of Venice is a close second.