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Patsy Prince / Presenter

Born into a working-class Muslim family in Manchester, Patsy has spent her life on a journey of self-discovery, constantly expanding her horizons and challenging herself to achieve new goals. In a dysfunctional family with limited horizons, her outlook was transformed by an English live-in nanny who effectively raised her and gave her the confidence to strike out in new directions and the belief that she could be anything and everything she wanted to be.
You name it – she’s dabbled in it: Law, Politics, Hospitality, Sales & Marketing, Events Planning and now a professional Actress/Presenter. Currently excelling at being a bad wife and a little bit of a layabout. But to quote Mother: ‘If you can’t seize the day, at least try and seize the late afternoon’. 
She’s here to help Carpe the heck out of your Diem with her good friend Angie. Offering advice, opinion and perspective on any topic – however crazy you might think it is – they’ve already discussed it in the hairdressers.