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Sandra Ewers

Sandra Ewers shows

Sandra Ewers is fighting the war on diabetes and keeping the dialogue open about this serious health condition.  This is an important message as there are currently four million people in the United Kingdom alone that have diabetes and nearly four hundred million worldwide.  Sandra is a public figure with a personal health and fitness page, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, U and Type 2, with the hope of sharing her knowledge and insight because of her own battle.   


‘This is a personal journey as I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes last year and have had a complete lifestyle overhaul, there is no food that I pick up without checking the Glucose content first.  I have been one of the lucky ones and have managed to get my blood Glucose level down to acceptable levels, this was not easy, but with support from family, friends and the health professionals, I’m on the recovery road’


So now it is time for Sandra to share her knowledge, wisdom and her inspirational journey and to interact with listeners about diabetes. Sandra will be speaking about health, diet, exercise, beating stress, everything needed to support this growing health condition.  Although there is currently no cure, Sandra knows there is a remedy for good health.