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Nurturing offers courses across the UK for anyone wishing to become a birth or postnatal doula. The aim of the course is to introduce participants to the role, looking at antenatal preparation, and postnatal support.  In a safe, non-judgmental environment we have the opportunity to:

·    Debrief and postnatal experiences (birth, feeding, first few weeks)

·    Look at birth: physiology, anatomy, obstetric scenarios, antenatal support and discussions, supporting parents making informed choices, understanding mothers and partners’ needs, how to “be” in labour, knowing your boundaries

·    Discuss the role of a and postnatal and expectations of the client

·    Discuss feeding options: an introduction to breastfeeding, understanding some of the common problems faced by mums of newborns, learning how to signpost good support, helping to get Mums off to a good start, safe preparation of bottles for formula feeding.

·    Look at some of the common issues affecting new mothers and babies e.g. lack of sleep, visitors, unsettled babies, routines, postnatal mental health.

·    Consider the best way to support new including listening skills, helping the mother find confidence in looking after her own baby, being non-judgmental.

·    Think about the journey ahead – engaging with mentoring, marketing, networking with other doulas and professionals, further study/CPD.

·    Consider running a business, contracts, insurance, how to get clients, marketing and networking

In addition Nurturing offers mentoring support for doulas as well as a variety of workshops and study days.

For more information visit www.nurturingbirth.co.uk or contact Sophie on info@nurturingbirth.co.uk