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Kitchen Sink Spirituality

Presented by Avril Price

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Everyone is spiritual. We don't have to wear white or have a degree to be spiritual, nor do we have to give away our worldly goods or give up watching soap operas.

We can have mighty moments of spiritual revelations while washing up, cleaning the house or walking the dog. And that’s where Kitchen Sink Spirituality comes in. So put the kettle on, pull up a chair and dive in!

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Avril Price is a senior Tutor at the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington, London. She is a Tarot master and teaches Tarot studies to a very high standard at all levels, her aim is to inspire others to develop their inner wisdom through the richness of Tarot symbolism, Avril is passionate about self discovery and her work is geared towards development of the intuition and personal pathworking. She is well known for being down to earth yet has an uplifting and inspiring approach to development and practice. Avril is a Psychic Medium and has worked in several churches and centres in S.E. England. She has taught Psychic Mediumship for many years and some of her students have gone on to be household names. Avril’s work has taken her abroad and she is internationally renowned for her commitment to intuitive and integrative studies, she has regularly held development groups in Germany, Finland, Lappland and Istanbul. Her annual signature retreats in Glastonbury and the Mediterranean are also very popular. Avril has been in the media many times including TV and radio, she frequently contributes to Spirit and Destiny magazine