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The show where we learn about each other. How to be accepting, honest and non-judgemental. We’ll be sharing our stories with you – on how we got to where we are. Warts and all. Triumphing over adversity and staying positive against the odds.
We hope that in turn you’ll be telling us what’s makes you tick, gets you through the day, the week, the year and life in general. We’ll also be discussing current issues and how they impact on us all.

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“As a post operative Transwoman of a certain age, living and loving in London, Angie has decided to break her silence and share her life experiences with you. Her message is of hope and empowerment, to highlight the similarities we all share and not the differences. It’s very hard being anyone, this is exacerbated being non […]

Born into a working-class Muslim family in Manchester, Patsy has spent her life on a journey of self-discovery, constantly expanding her horizons and challenging herself to achieve new goals. In a dysfunctional family with limited horizons, her outlook was transformed by an English live-in nanny who effectively raised her and gave her the confidence to […]