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Three Books

Presented By Angela Clarke

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Each week Angela Clarke invites a female writer to pick the three books that have made a lasting impression on them, whilst discussing their latest work. The book they wish they’d written. The book that made them think differently about women. And the book they always return to. A fascinating and illuminating show for readers, writers, and bookworms everywhere.

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Angela is The Sunday Times bestselling author of the Social Media Murder Series, including Follow Me and Watch Me, and an award-winning screenwriter. She owns more books than any one person could ever read - but she’s going to give it a bloody good try anyway. Angela has performed on television, radio, and across the country, on CBS Reality’s Written in Blood, BBC Ouch’s Edinburgh Festival Stage, The Guilty Feminist Podcast, Camp Bestival, Panic! (in partnership with Create, the Barbican, and The Guardian), and at the London College of Fashion, among others. A sufferer of the debilitating chronic condition Ehlers Danlos III, Angela is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and volunteers with Womentoring, Meet a Mentor, and at HM Prisons. She is passionate about bringing marginalised voices into the creative industries.