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Spice Mountain specialises in hand-made spice blends using authentic recipes from around the world, and prides itself on blending to the peak of perfection every time, a process ensured by the fact that Magali still makes the blends herself.

Spice Mountain's has been built on a commitment to sourcing and working with only the best in spices, and to this end suppliers are chosen with great care to ensure that everything used is produced ethically and sustainably. The company's flagship retail outlet is on London's iconic Borough Market, a byword for the best in provenance and quality.

The range of products supplied is incredibly wide and genuinely global, ranging from basic herbs and spices to exotic rarities. Spice Mountain's philosophy is simple – to celebrate spice, and to share the dazzling array of colours, scents and flavours involved by offering hundreds of ways to sprinkle a bit of magic into the cooking experience.