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Suhail Mirza graduated in law from the London School of Economics and then began a career as an rights in the UK. He represented those facing discrimination and unfair treatment in the workplace.

Several years later Suhail took the decision to enter the world of business. Within the UK Staffing sector, he is a well-known and respected figure; he wrote the acclaimed “Meet the CEO” book in 2016, serves as City Editor for the leading trade journal “Recruitment International” and is Chairman of two recruitment businesses.

He was also a co-owner of a family providing adult social care which employed over 250 people prior to its sale. He has written for respected trade journals in healthcare for over a decade.

A few years ago Suhail was faced with a of meaning and despite all the trappings of worldly his despair lead him to question the value of his existence. Only when he rediscovered the timeless principles of Traditional Wisdom could his personal begin. This required him to face his deepest pain and thereafter take the 10 steps of the “spiritual solution” and walk along the paths of knowledge, action and love.

Suhail founded “Spiritual Solutions” in 2018 as a platform for anyone who, like him, is facing a of meaning. The platform offers resources to undertake the same journey from darkness to light that Suhail has taken in recent years.

Suhail wrote “Many Mansions” to capture the 10 steps of the “Spiritual Solution” in response to numerous enquiries from friends and contacts around the world after they had heard about his journey.

He has created an audio programme (also entitled “Many Mansions”) in which he personally takes people through each of the 10 steps of “The Spiritual Solution” and his journey.