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Any Enquiries Contact Head of Sponsorship & Advertising:

07939 442447 or

We at Women’s Radio Station believe you are the best person to promote and market your business, trade or brand on air. All adverts are self-produced and the show owner or proprietor will also feature in the advert itself, creating a more personal message to your consumers. Of course we don’t expect you to know how to do it and so will offer help, support and guidance and assistance in script writing it’s needed.

For selected charities, the officer or a member of the charity will feature in a self produced charity appeal recording, lasting no longer than 1 minute, then send in your voice recording by email to together with your contact details and short bio about the charity to appear on the website page.

Option 1 - Advertise Your Business

  1. Advertise your brand, services or goods with us with adverts appearing within the commercial breaks and within the programme schedule. Depending on the number of slots chosen, your advertisement will appear every 15 minutes throughout the schedule, 24/7.
  2. Over an agreed period of time, your advertisement will also have its own listing on our “Talking Directory” page, where our listeners can see a short bio. A link to your recording will also be placed on this section along with a link to your company website.
  3. After your campaign, the advertisement will remain on the website section where further exposure is provided for up to 8 weeks, free of charge, allowing additional listeners to hear your advert and get to hear all about you.
  4. Depending on what best fits in with your requirements, the amount of advertising slots and the duration of time you decide on, our costs are tailored to meet your budgets, enabling all types of brands and companies to advertise with Women’’s Radio Station be it on air or / and on our website.

Option 2 - Bumper Credit Sponsor

  1. Your company name, short message, strap line or image of your product appears;

                           – At the start of the programme

                           – At the end of the radio show

    When the programme which contains your advertisement is archived into the pod cast section, for listeners to hear again, the bumper credit with your company advertisement will remain part of the podcast.

Option 3 - Business Profile Sponsor

Your company is provided with a 5 minute air time interview, live on air, with a member of your company. You have the opportunity to talk about your products, services and your company. Our producers will create a tailor made radio show around your product, services, goods or your company.

This programme, after its broadcasting period on air, will then remain on the archive section, including the relevant details and links to your brand, services or goods. We will supply your own copy which you can use to include on your own web site or through social marketing.

We promote

  • Your brand
  • Your company message
  • We provide you with a link, a bio and logo to appear on the women’’s radio website page to your brand services or goods
  • Cover any special offers on the website section which you can change for up to 3 months at no further costs
  • Receive data information of those interested and who have opted in
  • Social media inclusive of Women’s Radio station Twitter, Facebook and other online mediums of your company brand or service

Option 4 - Charity Sponsor

By supporting a charity, you are not only doing good for the community but also helping your business. Talk to us and find out how you can sponsor a charity today.

Your one minute slot can be divided on the following basis:

30 seconds for the message of the charity and the remaining 30 seconds for your company message, brand and strap-line


  • Your advertisement will remain on the Women’’s Radio Station “Just Giving Page” where all charity adverts appear free of charge, with a link to the recording for further exposure both to the charity and to your company.
  • Your company logo will appear as sponsors to that charity.  In addition, we will add a link to your company website, proving further exposure and added value to you.

Option 5 - Giveaways Option

We’’re offering a barter service for airtime! We understand that many companies starting out don’’t have a huge marketing budget and that’’s where our Giveaway Option can help.

You will get a 30 second free advert to tell us about your company, products or services and in return you give us a giveaway i.e. free product or service in exchange for some airtime, which will be given away as part of a competition to listeners who opt  to take part for the chance of winning the “Giveaway” prize; it’’s that simple!

Of course the advertisement has a cost value but you make that back by what you can giveaway.  The amount of goods or their value will depend on the duration of time and the giveaway is aired from 1 week to 1 month’s coverage.

Our tailor made package is designed to suit, chat to us about the right package to suit you.

In return

  •      Your company receives the data of all those who entered into the draw.
  •      The winner will be mentioned on air and on the web site.
  •      Details of the giveaway appear with your bio brand and details on the giveaway page, for the duration of the campaign.
  •      It will go out on all our social media feeds.
  •      It will appear through the broadcasting programme schedule giving maximum exposure for your company services or goods.

Option 6 - Sponsor The Channel

You can sponsor the Women’s Radio Channel for a day, a week or even a month– it’’s entirely your choice!

By becoming an Official Sponsor for WRS, you will receive :-

  •    5 minutes air time with a corporate interview included.
  •    Bumper credits throughout the day.
  •    30 Second Free air time advertisement.
  •    Data of all opted in listeners.
  •    Logos and brand positioning on the front page of the Women’s Radio Station website home page.
  •    Your logo & company details on our social media feeds.
  •    Free invitations to WRS networking events.
  •    Opportunities to meet and utilise our personalities and presenters (subject to agreement).
  •    Joint public press opportunities.
  •    Direct links and opportunities to click and buy direct to your brands from the WRS web site.

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