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Company Profile

The A Project are a conflict resolution and community building charitable organisation limited by guarantee.

was formed in 2010 to establish a cohesive community in the W1, WC1 & WC2 areas of central London, which is a multicultural, diverse and eclectic, populated area.

They offer consultation, training and dispute resolution as well as community building services to individuals, groups, , looking to improve their ability to engage in conflict constructively and resolve complaints and grievances, as well as be at ease in the community

Most of their services are delivered by volunteers, who they train, become accredited, support, supervise and co-ordinate. They also use a number of interpreters to cover the diverse range of languages spoken in central London

The company is governed by a trustee board with a range of backgrounds, experience and talents, with a common interest for constructive conflict resolution and community building for the benefit of the community.

Their Vision; is of communities finding consensual strategies on which they can live/ together.

Their Mission; is to empower communities to develop strong and relationships by providing the projects, skills & opportunities.

The Business

The team is made up of a Director, Secretary, Community Manager and Community Supervisor, and they are supported by 3 Trustees and a pool of volunteers.

The team are all College of Mediators, Family Mediation Council and Restorative Justice Council accredited members.


The A Project is dedicated to presenting a range of innovative projects such as:

Life opportunities, strategies and guidance that will be an integral part of each participant's learning experience. This is done with the that every person should be able to participate in the program of his or her choice regardless of race, religion, creed, , ability, or financial status. This spirit is fostered in an environment where everyone has a chance to participate and learn, regardless of background. The A Project's long-term goal is to give its participants a positive life-changing experience.

Their aim is to provide culturally appropriate & tailor made information, advice, guidance, training & confidence building to assist in overcoming barriers.

They work towards a collective common vision and sense of belonging by all communities, with which the of people's background and circumstances is appreciated and valued.

They will continue to provide constructive resolution services for the benefit of , , adults and the disadvantaged to enable them to find workable solutions in difficult situations.