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The Powerful You

Womens Radio Station
  1. To help the listener engage with the guest to empower their mindset.
  2. To allow the guest in conversation to explore their own mindset expressing how to adapt their mindset and skill set to become the powerful you.
  3. To help the listeners create a stronger motivation and drive to achieve their goals, by becoming aware of the unknown power within themselves.
  4. To introduce the listener to spirituality and the connection to the Source and Universe, knowing that everything is energy. 
  5. To help listeners understand that by keeping ourselves in a high energy vibration, we can only attract miracles in our lives.
  6. To empower the listeners to discover that they can truly change their lives through healing old past wounds and releasing old limiting beliefs. 
  7. To encourage them to start their transformation journey.

The shows will bring guests to help with all aspects of mental health and learn to become the better version of themselves and encourage the listeners too.

Ramona Pop

Ramona Pop


My name is Ramona Pop. I am the mother of my 9 years old daughter, Serena.

I am a Transformational Mindset Coach, Spirituality Coach& Mentor, Author of “Discover your truth”, Company director of Happy and Fulfilled Life Limited, LKJ Media -Ambassador, Psychology Undergraduate, BSc -International relations and European studies, Humanitarian, Radio Presenter, UK Ambassador for the Leadership Experience Tour, USA, Guest Speaker, Creator of “Discover your truth” Online Coaching Program.

My journey started a few years ago when I found myself in a very difficult situation. I became a single mother, therefore, I had to be a mother and a father for my beautiful angel, Serena.

I had nobody’s support. That year my father also passed away. I was devastated. I was in pain and grief. I became more depressed every day. Until One day when I realised that life has to be more than that. I didn’t come here to suffer. I came here to be happy and fulfilled. I came here as a soul, in a human body to experience life and all the beauty of it, the unconditional love and acceptance. This is when the magic happened. I had a quantum leap, an epiphany.

That day I stepped into my power and I became 100% responsible for my life. I stopped giving away my power and I got commited 100% to change my life forever, no matter what!

My thirst for knowledge and healing myself and others became like an obsession for me. I had to overcome emotional and sexual abuse traumas, I had to learn to forgive, knowing that I will be the first one who will be released and free. I became obsessed to find out why most of the people live in pain and suffering. Why is it so hard to accept and love themselves as they are? Why is it so hard for us to forgive, let it go and set ourselves free?

I started to attend seminars, workshops, and overseas events to get that answer and the distinction which people seem to misunderstand.

I became a Certified Coach and Therapist. Finally I came to discover my gift.

My gift is that I love to help people. I am very emphatic, with a strong intuition. Therefore, I am a Psychic too.

My passion for helping people to overcome negative thinking has been the light that has shown me the way to becoming who I am today.

I believe that loving ourselves more is fundamental to positive changes in our lives.

I also believe that our inner world creates our outer world.

I believe that I’ve been a student and a teacher ever since.

I realised that the moment we choose to perceive our life with love, we could create a miraculous change.

My core message for my show is all about empowering and discovering the truth which is loving the self. I believe this is a relevant topic to my life. I am very passionate to empower all the people around me. Because I know they have an unknown power whitin themselves. And I know that if they get committed 100% they can access it and use it to build a dream life.

I love to motivate and inspire them in their journeys.

I choose to do this for the simple reason of giving back to people and to the whole Universe, my love and appreciation for who I am today.

If I can do it, so do you!

My intention is to go global. I want my voice to be heard and to make an impact and a difference in people’s lives forever.

I have created an Online Coaching Program called “Discover your truth” which is available on my website www.ramonapop.co.uk.

I am the author of my book “Discover your Truth” with a foreword from  Dr. Arthur Cassidy, Royal Expert and Celebrity Psychologist.

I am the UK Ambassador and Guest speaker for the Leadership Experience Tour, USA

Ramona Pop

Ramona Pop

My name is Ramona Pop. I am the mother of my 9 years old daughter, Serena. I am a Transformational Mindset Coach, Spirituality Coach& Mentor, Author of “Discover your truth”, Company director of Happy and Fulfilled Life Limited, LKJ Media -Ambassador, Psychology...

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