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Vivienne Artz

President of in Banking & Finance

Chief Privacy Officer of Thomson Reuters

Vivienne is the President of Women in Banking and Finance, having been awarded the “Champion for Women” Award at the Women in Banking and Finance for Achievement 2016.  Vivienne has many years of experience leading a broad range of initiatives and groups both within firms and across sectors.

Vivienne Artz joined Thomson Reuters as the Chief Privacy Officer in November 2017, based in London, leading the global Privacy Team and overseeing global privacy strategy and practice at Thomson Reuters.

Previously, Vivienne was a Managing Director and Global Head of Privacy Legal and Head of International for the Intellectual Property and Technology Group at Citi in the General Counsel's Office in London. Prior to joining Citi in 2000, Vivienne worked in practice in London.

Vivienne chairs the International Regulatory Strategy Group Data Working Group and sits on the European Advisory Board of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).  Until recently, Vivienne was the chair of the AFME Data Protection Working Group, engaged in the UK Finance Data Protection Working Group, and co-chair of the IAPP Knowledge Net for the United Kingdom.