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Future Classic Women Awards

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On “Future Classic Women Awards” we are searching for the most amazing new female musicians on the Classical panorama. Through a mix of interviews and performances we discover the insight of Classical music and what does it means to be a Classic Woman today, including the funniest and darkest moment (e.g. the “Me too” movement, Cancer, Motherhood, Divorce, Politics) to which any other woman’s career can relate.

The very first episode aired on Monday 25th June 2018 with a guest/nominee different every week (we are this week 4th November at Episode 72).

The audience will decide their favorite artists through airplay and twitter/FB/Instagram/Linkedin shares and comments. “Future Classic Women’s Awards” is a unique journey of discovery, empowerment and relief through Music. It is also an opportunity to brake the barriers between Classical and Pop music, to be inspired by stories of resilience and courage, and be amused by the funniest moments in a professional musician’s career.


Stefania Passamonte is an international concert pianist, recording artist, radio broadcaster, music director and entrepreneur. Since 2018, she is producer and radio presenter of her original program “Future Classic Women Awards” on the Women’s Radio Station.

Her recording of Clara Schumann’s Romance Op.21 no.3 is the soundtrack of her radio show and won great acclaim from press and audiences alike, including the Akademia Award for Best Classical Album and Artist of The Year 2019.Founder and owner of the award winner Music Academy “London Piano Masters” as well as the classical record label Master Chords Records, Stefania is also voting member of the Recording Academy for the Grammy’s Awards in the USA and member of the Classical Committee of the BPI for the Classic BRITS Awards in the UK.