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Eat, Love, Do

Womens Radio Station

Janine and guest experts will share their knowledge to our listeners across three parts per show:

  • Eat – How, where, when and what you should be eating to fuel your body to be the healthiest most vibrant version of yourself. At any age and point in your life cycle. Discussing diet, nutrition, supplements, recipes and more for your optimum health.
  • Love – Self love/care, relationships both intimate and general. How these impact your mental health and how you can heal, grow and have the best and most loving, fulfilling relationships in your life. Relationships with others and most importantly with yourself.
  • Do – what you do on a daily basis, the lifestyle you live, the purpose or career you have in your life, the amount you exercise or move your body and the daily choices you make impact your health and your future massively. We’ll be discussing and sharing how you can implement simple daily habits that will shape your life and ultimately your happiness.

I’m passionate about these topics as I have overcome huge personal challenges in each of these areas of life and I know how educating myself in each area has transformed my life and health. So much so that I have dedicated the last 20 plus years to educating, developing and helping others overcome their challenges. To live healthier, happier, wealthier and more fulfilling lives. I truly believe that if we share knowledge and support each other we can change the world.







Janine Newberry

Janine Newberry


Janine has over 20 years experience in health, fitness and mindset coaching.

She strived to educate herself in business, nutrition, fitness, human behaviour and personal development alongside managing a busy global modelling career. Janine is also a TV Presenter and has appeared on several shows such as ITV’s Club@Vision, Smart Cars on Channel M and on The Dating Channel to name but a few.

Janine built, ran and sold several businesses, invested in property and currently runs a successful coaching and events business.
Her thirst for knowledge combined with her passion to help others be the happiest, healthiest and most successful version of themselves continuously drives her forward to learn, grow and give more. Sharing her knowledge, skills and wisdom to inspire others.

Janine is the Founder of Eat Love Do, an educational platform featuring online courses and in person events, workshops, interesting articles and knowledge sharing, who’s mission is to inspire and educate people to live and create their best lifestyle, body, relationship, career and ultimately live the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves.